Your idea has the power to change the world.MargaretMeadBold

True, it may not transform every person or resolve every problem, yet it absolutely could have a significant social impact on at least one issue in at least one community.

That matters. 

And the impact will only be felt if your project actually happens.

If you’ve been sitting on that big idea, not sure how to begin bringing it to life, the Social Impact Retreat is for you.

If your project has already begunj yet isn’t moving as quickly as you’d like, the Social Impact Retreat is for you.

If you're not yet confident that you're the right person to bring your idea to life, The Social Impact Retreat is most likely for you. 

At the Social Impact Retreat, leaders come together for three days of inspiration, creation, and collaboration. (Leaders? Yes, that means you.)

  • CREATE A CLEAR PATH to activate your project

  • DEVELOP CONFIDENCE as a leader

  • SHAKE LOOSE beliefs about yourself and the world that limit both your vision and your power

  • CONNECT with others who are ready to move beyond just talking to create the changes we wish to see

  • REJUVENATE yourself with creative play, delicious food, and plenty of rest



The Social Impact Retreat is designed to expand the development of projects in their early stages, whether or not the organizational structure to actualize them is already in place.

  • An effort with a goal of positively impacting a social problem such as racism, poverty, war, or human trafficking

  • An adventure into creation of a more just world
  • non-profit organization, business, loose-knit community group, or individual endeavor

  • A service project becomes a social impact project when services are delivered in a way that empowers the marginalized group receiving the services

  • The scope of a social impact project may be local, national, or international

  • The activist who wants to try a new way to change the world

  • The professional who has an idea about using her skills to solve a social problem

  • The leader of a religious community’s social justice committee ready to move your group from talk to action

  • The artist with a vision for a paradigm-shifting public art installation

  • The executive director of a non-profit preparing to take a bold new direction

  • The entrepreneur with a business idea with the potential to empower a community

The Retreat is limited to 12 participants to foster connection and deep work.

The three days include group training, small group and individual exercises, and solo time for working on your project.


May 4-6, 2018


In California’s Sierra foothills, about a 75-minute drive from Sacramento (nearest airport), and approximately a three-hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area. 


The enrollment fee includes the retreat program, two nights' lodging in a shared room, and seven healthy, delicious meals.


Introductory special: Only $797 (all inclusive)

Application Process:

  1. Fill out a brief online application.
  2. Receive a response within three business days (often much sooner). At this time you may be invited to a phone interview with Emily Levy. After the interview, you will be offered a spot in the retreat if Emily believes it's good match. Payment arrangements will be discussed at the interview. 
  3. Your deposit confirms your space at the retreat. 

Solo "Make Your Difference" Intensives are also available.

To inquire, or to ask questions about the retreat, click here to email your questions to Emily

1) Speaking on stage 2) Interviewing Rep. Dennis Kucinich 3) with labor leader Dolores Huerta 4) with Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney 5) Speaking at rally 6) with daughters


Emily is a lifelong worker for social justice. She has worked on a broad range of issues, from election justice to pesticide use, from disability rights to LGBT liberation, and from nuclear disarmament to stopping the construction of a nuclear power plant.

She has lobbied in Congress, been arrested for protesting on a military base, led her city government’s efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and spoken to receptive audiences large and small.

Her roles have included trainer, speaker, lobbyist, marcher, database coordinator, banner painter, publicist, blogger, and more. She recently trained Wisconsin presidential election recount volunteers to analyze data collected from recount observers.

As Emily Levy Consulting, she works with small businesses to increase their influence and visibility online. She trains entrepreneurs and activists to use a variety of online tools to streamline their work and amplify their voices.

With over 30 years of experience as a peer counselor, Emily brings to her work not only commitment to social justice but a keen ability to assist leaders in identifying and shifting internal blocks to their personal power.

Emily lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner, whom -- thanks to the work of thousands of marriage equality activists -- she recently married. She has four grown children and two grandchildren.

  • That nearly everyone underestimates her ability to lead
  • That we cannot expect the government to fix the problems in the United States
  • That the resources needed to make your project a reality can be found
  • That being ready is overrated
  • That when you begin to walk, more of the path reveals itself
  • That millions of people want to contribute to solving the world’s problems and simply don’t yet know how
  • That staying small and quiet may have served us once, yet now we must speak out
  • That formal education is not a reflection of a person’s value or intelligence
  • That Black Lives Matter
  • That leaders must find ways to replenish ourselves
  • That humans are, by nature, good
  • That the world needs who you are right now
  • Emily is a creative, brilliant, highly competent and thoughtful person who brings an invigorating energy to our collective work experience. …The ability to brainstorm with Emily is invaluable. Her working style is generous and professional, analytical and insightful with a humbleness that is rare in someone so resourceful and adept. Andi Novick, Founder, Election Transparency Coalition
    Andi Novick, Founder, Election Transparency Coalition
  • Emily is a wise, thoughtful and caring teacher. She is also a wealth of experience and knowledge about strategy. She excels at listening deeply, asking the right questions and providing creative solutions to the inner and outer obstacles that arise. She provided me a safe place to address challenges and creative suggestions for action.
    Kate Luna
  • Emily’s warmth and enthusiasm for helping businesses doing good in the world do even better financially is paralleled by her solid digital marketing expertise and technical know-how. I was impressed by her comfort level using her business skills in the non-profit sector. She had lots of great holistic ideas about how my organization could become more financially sustainable. I also really appreciated her willingness to suggest all manner of creative ideas, and then to examine them with me for their resonance with my organization’s culture.
    Ian McPherson Board of Directors & Chair of Marketing, Congregation Nevei Kodesh, Boulder, CO

A note from Emily:

If you've read this far, something about The Social Impact Retreat is drawing your interest. This may be the best opportunity for you to get the help you need to bring your idea, the seed of your project, to life in a powerful and vibrant way.

I invite you to apply now, while there's space available. With preliminary approval of your application, I'll invite you to a short phone interview with me. There's no charge for this call, and absolutely no obligation. At the end of the call, if we both believe there's a fit and the 12 spots have not yet been filled, I'll invite you to enroll in The Social Impact Retreat.

The button below will take you directly to the application. 

I look forward to the opportunity to support the important work you're doing in the world.

To a day abundant with connection and meaning,



Would you rather access the application on a different device? I'm happy to have the link to the application emailed to you. Where do you want me to send it?

Solo "Make Your Difference" Intensives are also available.

To inquire, or to ask questions about the retreat, click here to email your questions to Emily