Does this sound familiar?

  • You started your business because you have important gifts to share but struggling to get clients has you filled with self-doubt.

  • You need help so you can get clients, but need the money from clients to pay for the help.

  • The idea of getting your work online sounded good, but it’s more complicated, time-consuming and expensive than you ever imagined.

  • Your website is outdated because you don’t know how to make changes and your webmaster is unresponsive.

  • You’ve paid a lot of money for business training or coaching but lack the tech skills needed to follow your mentor's advice and have poor results.

  • Dozens of your unfinished business projects are stalled because you don’t know how to take the next step.

  • You find yourself hunched over the computer late at night trying to solve a problem, and end up lost on Google and getting nowhere.

  • You’re tired of feeling ‘stupid’ because this online technology is so confusing.

It doesn't have to be that way.

You can have an online presence that's well-organized, made up of tools that are easy to use and a good match for your needs, work style, and the size of your business.

And yeah, that's true even if you say things now like "technology is not my friend," or "I don't speak computer."

How would your business and your life be different if:

  • You had a growing email list and could send out announcements that bring you new clients whenever you wanted?
  • You had an engaging website that represented your business exactly the way you want it to?
  • You could offer online events like teleseminars and webinars to bring in new business?
  • Facebook and other social media brought you new clients instead of sucking your time?
  • You had an expert to consult, without having to hire someone new to meet every need?
  • When you finish with the day's clients, you could shut down the computer and enjoy your evening?

I'm Emily Levy, and I can help.

emily photo

I work with clients locally to internationally, helping with with websites, email marketing, and online events like teleseminars, webinars, and telesummits. My clients are therapists and life coaches, spiritual leaders and healthcare practitioners, and even non-profit organizations. They all do important work to help improve the lives of people or the planet. And, like you, they want to focus on their work, not monkey around with technology all day (and night!).

That's where I come in. I actually enjoy messing with online tools, and have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars exploring what's available, comparing different services, and learning to use them and teach clients to use them.

Clients tell me they appreciate how I explain things in 'plain English.'

I'm excited to be able to give you the support you deserve in a way that's designed to give you the most help with the least expense and effort.

That's why I created ...

The FAB Lab
Membership Program

Your lifeline to all things techie

fab lab logo

The FAB Lab (Focused Action Business Lab) Membership program was designed to be your online home for help with the tech tools and strategies you need to run the online part of your business or professional practice.

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Help is available on all
these topics and more:

  • Online Events (Teleseminars, Webinars, Telesummits, & Group Programs)

    Choosing and setting up technology
    Planning powerful content
    Building your audience

  • Social Media

    Getting to know Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Social media strategy
    Building your audience
    Tools to streamline your social media experience

  • Multi-Media

    User-friendly audio, video, and graphics tools
    Audio editing for beginners
    Video editing for beginners
    Hosting options for your audio and video
    Creating and selecting exciting images

  • Email lists

    Choosing an email management service
    Setting up accounts and templates
    Creating signup forms for your website
    Delivering free gifts to your registrants
    Automating your email marketing

  • Websites

    Planning your site so it brings in clients
    Understanding your WordPress website
    Tools to enhance your site

  • Efficiency Tools

    Tools to manage your time and projects
    Online scheduling software
    File management options
    Membership program platforms

  • Emily is the perfect guide – knows her stuff deeply, and only communicates what we need to know to make sensible progress. No techie overload – just sensible and elegant information and guidance at each step of the way.
    Jonathan Biss, Sydney, Australia

As a member, you'll get ...

  • Group Coaching Calls

    Two calls a month when you can ask questions about business-building strategy and online technology, or simply get support and encouragement. You can even search the call archives by subject!

  • Power Project Playdays

    Dedicated time each month to work on the projects that will streamline and grow your business, with group support.

  • Emily's Tech Toolbox

    Carefully selected recommendations for the tools you need to amplify and streamline your online presence. This will save you hours of research time.

  • 'How-To' Library

    You’ll have access to a growing library of recorded how-to videos, training you step-by-step on the setup and use of online tools and cloud services. These are easy to find in our member area.

  • Priority Enrollment

    As a member, you’ll get priority enrollment for Emily’s individual consulting and implementation packages.

  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group

    Together we're growing a community of mutual support for professionals and heart-based small business owners building their online presence. It’s a great place to ask questions in-between our group coaching calls, and to celebrate your successes.

  • Emily helped me do my first teleseminar. I had no idea how to proceed. With her help I had 23 people sign up, 7 people attend, and I sold 2 programs. What was extraordinary was how she took care of me with love and kindness.
    Cinder Ernst, California, USA

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“You Will Love It!”

And there's more ...

Special Bonus For All Members

FAB Web Launch Homestudy Program

Guided Website Planning

Whether you’ve never had a website or your website needs an upgrade, the 7 modules and accompanying templates will guide you step-by-step through planning a website to bring in the right potential clients and get them ready to hire you.

  • Before I met Emily, I had a very rudimentary website, and had no understanding of how to either improve what I had, or create a new one from “scratch.” I am somewhat computer phobic, but Emily’s gentle teaching style, as well as her thorough understanding of the subject, helped a lot. I am now pleased to send people to my wonderful website.
    Judith Weiler, Massachusetts, USA
  • Not only was Emily easy to work with, but she always had suggestions on how we could be more strategic in our online marketing efforts and she was quick to implement the new ideas. Since we started working together, 30 new people joined my team and I have seen a 22% increase in sales so far this year.
    Karen Hanna, Alberta, Canada
  • I got done more in one lab session with Emily than I've done all month!
    Heather Furby, California, USA
  • If you are a solo entrepreneur needing not only technical know-how, but also skill and creativity support, she can do it for you! Emily…you are an angel!
    Nancy Burnett, California, USA
  • Emily has been the antidote to my overwhelm.
    Rabbi Yitzhak Miller, California, USA